Copyland Printing Celebrates Move to New Location
By Barry Salberg

For over two decades they've survived earthquakes, stock market crashes, international war, economic boom, and the collapse of the dot com phenomenon - prevailing through it all, as the longest running independently-owned retail business in Foster City. Now in it's 27th year of continuous operation, Copyland Printing recently celebrated the move to it's new location, at 1160 Chess Drive, with an official house warming and ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 24th, attended by a select group of VIP guests and local dignitaries.

In a touching and heartfelt extemporaneous speech, Copyland owner, Ivars Rozentals, recalled the operation's beginnings as a simple photocopy shop and secretarial service. A former regional sales manager and retail executive, along with his wife and partner, Biruta-a former executive secretary-Rozentals founded Copyland with the intent of identifying and servicing niche market needs within the community. This was a time when personal computers were new - the Internet didn't exist, and even fax service was somewhat of a rarity.

Rozentals spoke to the group of well wishers and members of the local business community how Copyland offered the first public fax outlet in Foster City, and how customers would stand in line on most mornings to pick up their overnight faxes. "Those were the days when Copyland paid over $5000 for it's first fax machine," recalled Rozentals. "It was the only public facility in town that allowed any fax machine, anywhere in the world, to send and receive high speed personal communication."

An inveterate entrepreneur and marketer, Rozentals subsequently modified and transcended his original business model, adding the print operation that remains as Copyland's core business today. Building upon a lead from his first two corporate customers, he quickly converted to a full service print and graphics facility, fulfilling job orders from an assortment of major hi-tech and other clients. "We were in the right place at the right time," said Rozentals. "We were instrumental in being able to print a lot of the documentation for the hi-tech boom when Frame Relay, ATM, Bluetooth, and other technologies were in their infancies."

With the addition of four AB Dick two-color printing presses and a Heidelberg Print Master unit, Copyland was able to undertake virtually any print directive. Added to the repertoire were mailing and packaging, UPS and FedEx shipping, laminating, sign and banner work, and an enhanced graphics department. "No one other shop does all these things," proclaims Rozentals.

Among various job orders over the years from the likes of Gilead, Genentech, and Applied Bio Systems, Copyland produced the first discount coupons for the Pringles Potato Chip marketing campaign. They also test printed, and were among the first to employ the Mac Tac sheets, which are now an industry standard. Along with the normal fare of brochures, business cards, and other corporate documentation, recent jobs include a variety of security and identification badges for eBay personnel.

In 1992, upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Latvia became a sovereign state, and Copyland was responsible for the distribution of the English printed version of The Baltic Observer newspaper, raising over $250,000 in subscription fees from an array of sources.

After 9/11, there was a substantial local demand and subsequent shortage for U.S. flag and related paraphernalia. Copyland printed and distributed over 170,00 flag sheets, free to merchants, and as inserts in local newspapers. Rozentals was cited at the Presidio Veterans Day services for his work in producing posters and other materials for various Bay Area veterans organizations.

The move to the new Copyland facility, and acknowledgment by the Chamber of Commerce and City officials is yet another tribute and homage to this local operation that continues to serve the community as the largest full-service printing and copy operation in San Mateo County.