Protect what matters…

Protect, preserve and enhance all of your frequently used documents, photos, signs, posters and more. Lamination not only protects against water, grease and grime, it also enhances the colors of your printed material to make them even more striking.

Paper is fragile and is the most widely used communication media. Let us help you decide the type of lamination that would be best for your project. Whether you need to laminate just a few items or many, we can accommodate all needs.We have laminators several laminators to do the job from ID cards to 36 inch wide materials and unlimited length.

Benefits of laminating:

• Extends the life of printed materials
• Increases the color life of printed materials
• Deepens & brightens ink colors
• Enhances contrast
• Protects from creasing, tearing, smudging & staining

With added sealed edge the item becomes waterproof.